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Are You Maximizing The Potential Of Your Window Display?
Apr 12th, 2009

Whether an interested potential customer walks in to your shop or walks away, it depends on your window display. That’s how some shop owners work their window display to the max to pull in impulsive window-shoppers! Let’s admit it, we are the weakest when we’ve not planned for a purchase!

When talking about window display, there are different areas that we can focus on. One, we can focus on how we display our top-selling products, or stuff that we have placed on promotion. And then two, we can also display some posters or brochures where customers can easily grab so that even if they walk away, they don’t walk away empty-handed. For instance, you can catch their eye with a very interesting poster or bring their attention to a very low-priced that they can’t stand walking away from.

Depending on the nature of your business or the products you are selling, I’ve always been frank with people and tell them that one of the biggest problems about organizing a successful and attractive window display is lighting. If the lighting isn’t good enough inside of the shop, putting up window display could block out some of the natural light during the day time – and that, as mentioned, depends on how important lighting is for your shop. A large window display area with shelves could block off a large portion of natural sunlight so you’ve got to enhance visibility and the atmosphere of your shop with artificial light.

A crucial point to take into consideration is also in posting or displaying something that can PULL the customers in, awaken their curiosity and make them feel as if they would miss something if they didn’t at least check out a promotion, find out more information or buy it right off the rack right away! Your window display is also a method you can use to create more windows of opportunities for sale. For instance, you could display something truly unique or tell potential to bait the customers into the shop and then bring their focus to other items….and then this is when your service staff will have to work their magic.

Revamping your window display every once in a while is a fantastic idea to keep things fresh. You can test out different products and methods of attracting your customers with consistently changing and evolving display in front of your window. You’ll never know who may be interested in the products that you have to offer….and like I always say, never leave an opportunity undiscovered and untapped.

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