Benefits Of A Stacking System
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Benefits Of A Stacking System
March 9th, 2009

Space is the kind of constraint that one feels and has to contend with on a regular basis as a business grows. It would be close to impossible to find a retail outlet or business that has abundant space. In extreme cases, stock and warehousing issues can only be resolved with external warehousing options. If you’re a small business or working out of the comfort of your own home, having a stacking shelving systems makes a whole lot of sense. Not only will a stacking system benefit your business in the long run, it’ll save you time, money and floor space.

For home offices, small stackable shelving systems will suffice. You don’t need anything too expensive and besides, as long as it is practical and saves you space, it would be quite enough. A retail outlet, on the other hand, need a stackable shelving system that is practical, meets with all the requirements, blends well with all the other decorative items or shelving units and be cost-effective as well. A tough call for a small business, we would say, but not impossible.

stackable glass panelsThe true value in using a glass shelving system is the transparency. Glass, as you may very well know, fits in with just about any type of interior design. In fact, with good lighting, it really complements the other existing furniture.

With a good glass stackable shelving unit, the system is mobile and can be transformed according to your needs. If you need a three-level shelving for a line of new products to be placed near the entrance of your store, you can unstack them easily and place one on top of another to form a sort of beautiful glass tower. Glass shelves placed at the counter or at the point of exit might also compel your customers who are checking to make that last minute impulsive purchase.

Glass shelving are low maintenance options. Repair is often not required except for minor replacements of parts and also if in the eventuality, the glass panels crack (which is unlikely unless it has been dropped).

And of course, a glass stackable shelving unit is like the black tux….conventional, classy and timeless. Glass is almost never unfashionable, so, the lifespan is often for as long as you need it.

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