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Better To Purchase Display Shelving During Promotion
Aug 12th, 2010

Have you seen the way people hit the streets, willingly join the rush hour traffic, fight for parking and then join a sea of people in malls whenever there is a promotion or sale? Have you ever wondered what on earth possessed these people to willingly subject themselves to such mayhem just for a little bit of discount?

Well, if you know how to use a calculator, you will know that in the long run, buying things during a promotion can save quite a fair bit of money. Save a little here, save a little there...you end up with quite a bit, we'll have you know.

Therefore, the same can be said for purchasing display shelving products during promotions. But here is the thing about ordering display shelves during promotions...sometimes, they have packages on top of promotions!

What is the difference between packages and promotions?

Simple. Packages are usually a combination of different display shelving options combined together. Promotions are individual promotions for individual products. Suffice to say that packages often give you better savings than individual products.

Manufacturers and resellers of display shelving products often put together packages according to warehousing needs, hence, they are more willing to bring down the price of these items. You do not need to understand how and why the selection is done; all you need to know is that there are benefits to buying up a package.

A consultant or an experienced designer is usually summoned up to put these packages together, hence, you are assured of the fact that the display shelves DO, indeed, complement each other.

What happens when you don't like one of the display shelves in the package? Most companies are accommodating in that way...that they will gladly let you remove the product and replace it with another one of the same price. Just don't be shy and ask away!

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