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Brush Your Competitors Aside With These Bold Moves

We’ve said it before but we will say it again. When you are attending or participating in an exhibition, it is absolutely crucial for you to invest in a good exhibition system…or you will just have to pay more to be more visible…like pay for a good spot for your booth, which is usually all the way up there in front. Most of us do not have the budget for that kind of spot and are often stuck at an obscure or hidden place somewhere in a large hall. So, what do you do if you want to stand out amongst the crowd or at least get the attention of your target market and have a good fight with your competitors? There are several things that you can do to catch your target market’s attention.

Use bright colors
With that said, bear in mind that lots of other companies have the same idea but sticking to your (sometimes, it could be the corporate color that is bland, if so, there is a need to step out of the comfort zone) conventional color can be detrimental to the whole point of you being there at the exhibition.

When you are at an exhibition, you are vying for the attention of the same people your competitors are. So, invest in a good printer and a good, reliable exhibition display system that stands out…something that is tall enough to make people notice and be curious. Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of ingenuity. The colors should be bright and cheerful because people are often attracted by these colors.

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Be there at the doorway
If you have a bad spot at the exhibition, make extra effort to have people stand at the doorway and hand out something unconventional, like a creative door gift. If you do not have the resources for that, at the very least, hand them brochures and flyers at the entrance that make them take notice. However, we know that this is something hard to achieve because the same way you are thinking about this, your competitors are too.

Some companies we know decided to use mascots to attract attention and it works! As far as your brochure and flyers are concerned, invest in good copywriters or creative graphic artists who can come up with a great marketing gimmick that will make people think and be curious. This way, when they are walking about and probably looking at some other things, at the back of their mind, they have taken notice of your brochure and will be looking around for your booth.

The display and mobile technology
The exhibition rules have changed along with technology. One, if you are located in a bad spot, invest in a exhibition display unit that is tall enough for others to see at the front. And if possible, make use of technology. Everyone’s into mobile phones these days so if you have the capability, why not get in on it and make a bold move to brush your competitors aside.