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Can Merchandizing Systems Be Used For Exhibitions?
June 9th, 2009

smart web merchandizing display

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I told you that you could save a huge amount of money doubling in on your exhibition display system that is modifiable? From size to shape, you can bend the display system so far that it would become a completely different display altogether without compromising on the quality and stability of the unit. Sounds like something out of Heaven. But it’s not.

Most of the merchandizing display systems we have in the market today are not only modifiable but they’ve become less expensive to own one and can be moved around very effortlessly. The more important thing to note is the fact that it doesn’t (no longer) takes a genius to figure out how to use, put together and take apart such merchandizing display systems when the time comes to do so.

Webbed Glory
Many retailers love to use a kind of merchandizing display solution that allows them to hook their products onto accessories like ball holders, zig-zag hooks, mini shelves, hook shelves and shoe shelves. These are not only type of shelving accessories that can be found – the diversity is amazing.

The wonderful thing about making use of these systems is that it’s so flexible that you can literally display anything on it, depending on the type of accessories that you have. The shoe shelving can be used to display CD’s, the mini shelves can hold clothes on hangers, and you can hook accessories on the zig-zag hooks. They’re stylish and very useful in a lot of ways.

Doubling it up
On the note of using these webbed wonders, take heart that this type of shelving system can carry an amazing load of stuff without falling off. It’s easy to take apart, light enough to carry around with the need for a truck and can be fitted into a tiny exhibition booth without too much trouble. It’s the smartest thing you’ll ever invest in, if you asked me.

Many of the webbed wonder designs are founded based on the inter-locking capabilities of smart modular display systems. The inter-locking abilities of the solid steel makes for a fun time too – just imagine putting them together like you’re fixing up transformers toys….it’s just a whole lot bigger and lot more useful, that’s all.

And guess what? They’re a lot classier than Transformers and grander than Lego.

Go figure.

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