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A Clean Bill Of Health For Your Shelves
July 24th, 2009

You’ve invested some money into a display in your shop so that it can attract customers and properly organize the products that you have for sale. Depending on the quality of the display shelves, they should last you a good decade….if they’re good. With proper maintenance, it should. That’s not to say they all will because we’ve personally witnessed shelves that did not last past weeks.

Anyway, here are a couple of things that you can do to ensure that your shelves lasts you a maximum number of years.

Some shelves are not weather-proof
Take a good look at the user’s manual where they will indicate to you the best place to store or put your shelves. Some shelves are made for outdoor use and these are less prone to being weather-beaten. Most, however, are merely made for indoor use. So, if this is the case, it is best that you listen to what the manufacturers have to say. Keep them in a cool and dry storage space when not in use. Preferably, free from dust as well.

Keeping them clean
If you’re using the shelves, clean them by wiping them with gentle cloth and detergent once a week. Some are placed in areas where there is a lot of dust – if that is so, make sure you run a wet cloth over them twice a week, then. You are the best judge on how many times you need to clean them to keep them in the best possible condition because you are privy to the condition in which the shelves are being placed.

Avoid scratches
Although it is practically impossible to keep the shelves in spanking new condition, it is possible to keep them as scratch-free as possible. Line them up with a transparent sheet before putting products that might scratch the surface will help. Keep shelves with sharp items away from the main area in your retail outlet because when it is so easily-accessible, the kids might get to them before your sales person can stop them.

Organizing your space well
The reason for this is because if the space is not organized well enough, there’s probably going to be a lot of moving around to do. Get an interior designer to give you a good idea on where best to place the shelves or get ideas from the internet. Moving the shelves and furniture around too much will cause unnecessary damage to the display system.

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