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Current vs. Classic
Nov 13th, 2009

When it comes to design, nothing ever remains the same. It doesn't matter whether we are talking about design of a home, design of a car or design of an exhibition display system – it changes all the time. Whatever we can find, say, three decades ago have either morphed into another more enigmatic version or have been transformed into another spinoff from the older version. Everything, therefore, undergoes evolution – including your exhibition display system.

With that said, the design may have changed to a more current look but if you look closely enough, the basics are still there. Therefore, it makes decision-making extremely difficult for those who are torn between exhibition systems with very current design that can attract a lot of attention and display units that are more time resistant.

Although we would put it down to taste, there are advantages and disadvantages to picking either one. Let's take a look at them.

One, choosing the current designs. By picking a very current and trendy exhibition display system, you are essentially using a display unit that might attract more attention to your booth as compared to if you were using something that is more classic in look. While the classics blend in, the modern designs often shout out a lot more. However, the downside is that even modern designs will outlive their trendiness. And besides, trendy exhibition systems cost a bit more than classic ones.

Two, choosing the classic designs. While the modern designs and chic and cool, classic-looking exhibition display units tend to blend in with the background but this does not mean that you can command attention. You can do it by adding colors, banners, posters, and other means....like attractive models, a cool commercial, or a even a car (for some companies). The display system is merely the cake while you add the toppings to make it more attractive, i.e. presentation, flowers, decorations, banners, posters, free giveaways, etc. The fantastic thing about using a classic-looking exhibition display system is that it is often timeless and is more cost effective. However, you incur expenses for the stuff you need to add to the display to command attention.

How to choose the right one? The best way to deal with such a dilemma is to go with the budget and the strategy of the company. Are you aiming to change your brand or image? Do you intend to change it in the future? How much money is allocated for the exhibition booth? By playing a balancing act, we are pretty sure you can come to a comfortable conclusion on whether to invest in a classic looking exhibition display system or a modern one.

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