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Custom Pop-Up Display The Real Deal
Dec 2nd , 2009

Have you ever been to an exhibition whereby a huge, vibrant picture is displayed towards the back of the booth and despite being places far back in the background, it continues to catch your eye? Well, if you don't already know what it is, it is what we call the custom pop-up display. We call this the Smartscreen over here at Formedge but generally speaking, the whole industry calls it the pop-up display...and for a very good reason too. But before we delve into that, you ought to know that there are many different types of pop-up displays being manufactured by companies from all around the world. Some are good....some won't last you three months.

custom pop-up display imageThis is the awful truth but usually, the bigger brand names produce much better custom pop-up display systems. So, before you purchase it, ask around, compare prices and also check the reputation of the said company online. Ask around in forums or event organizers...they are in the best position to tell you whether the product will last...or with fall apart within a couple of months.

What do you look for in a pop-up display? No, it's not the pricing although we have to admit that it is one of the bigger and more important factors to look to before buying; is it easy to set-up. If you have organized and worked the exhibition scene before, you would know that having to set up bulky custom pop-up display is not only frustrating but it is time consuming. In every business, time is of essence, time is money. So, you want things set up quickly and is not to heavy that you have rent extra equipment and hire extra manpower to set it up. You need something easy to store, easy to install and easy to dismantle. It is disconcerting how many times I have written the word 'easy' within this short paragraph but take it from me, it is the truth.

From there on, you get something all set up and ready to roll within minutes. This is something that Smartscreen, our revolutionary best-seller can give you. Being lightweight, you would have thought that it would topple over at the mere touch of a child. No, that is not true. A really good custom pop-up display will have a very strong and stable base which can hold up to a lot of weight. It is all in the design and not how heavy the base is, after all.

The lightweight design makes custom pop-up display very easy to cart around from one place to another.

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