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Decorating A Toy Store Is Not Child's Play

Based on my past experience as a serial toy shopper, I would say that it is really hard to find an organized toy store. Can't say I blame them because unless one had the space, money, manpower and power that is Toy'rUs, there would be a struggle with the aforementioned issues which could dampen the shopping experience of customers.

Space concern is a major issue because unlike clothes, toys these days are not small and compact. The bigger they are, the more space you need, the more space you need, the more shelves are required, etc. This can go on. A big solution for such problems would be proper backup space somewhere near or outside of your store or take things vertical which could mean alleviating the shelves and placing them along the walls.

Box the small stuff up. Some stores sell tiny figurines or tinier decorative items in their store. Often times, the approach taken is to keep them in open boxes. The problem with this solution is that it gets messy, confusing to the consumers and not to mention, the dust! Keeping the toys clean is absolutely important because when it comes to toys, who are we dealing with? Yup, parents and parents are stickler for hygiene. One dirty toy in the store and it is probably bye-bye customer...possibly FOREVER?

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Make viewing of toys crazy easy. Display units like the spinning tower gondola can solve many of your problems if you sell small items like girl accessories, magnets, or bookmarks for kids. Customers love spinning gondolas and toy store owners swear by them because of how practical and cost-effective it is. Try looking around for a quality one, though, because when you invest in one, you want one that lasts you for a long time.

Keep the colors lively and vibrant. When decorating a toy store, keep the parents (who are the paying customers) in mind. While that is true, it is the kids’ attention that we want to attract and generally speaking, kids are easily fascinated with bright themed stores. You don’t even have to invest in a huge mascot standing outside the store to attract kids’ attention, they are naturally observant of bright colors and lights.

If you do not think you have the budget for a new paint job, use accessories, shelves, balloons and maybe a bright banner or sign right outside the store. This should do the trick.