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Display Shoes Properly Or Risk Damaging Them

One of the things about opening a shoe store is space and ways to display them in an affordable, conducive and proper way. Suffice to say, you can’t merely stack them up against or on top of one another like you do with clothes. You can hide them away in drawers because you want your customers to actually SEE the shoes as they walk in. Many companies and designers have gone all out of their way to come up with a way to store shoes properly without hampering visibility. In comes shoe display shelf systems that keeps shoes in their proper places and making it easy for potential customers as they browse through their options.

Why storing the shoes in a large basket won’t work. Some people or companies continue to do this but that is mostly (as far as I can see) for discount items or promotional items that they can’t wait to get off their hands. These shoes are of little shopper-value to them and deemed unworthy of space on the shoe display shelf. They often gets dumped into a huge basket or a large mobile wagon somewhere so that they can move it in and out of storage as and when they need it.

malaysia shoe shelving system

Placing the shoes in a large basket means that there is a possibility of damaging the shoes because the weight of the shoes on top will weigh down on the pairs at the bottom. When customers browse through the item, the risk of damaging the shoes increase.

If there isn’t enough space on the shoe display shelf, we recommend placing one sample design out on the shoe display shelf while keeping the rest in their boxes, all stacked up in storage. This way, you don’t spoil the shoes, even if they are going off at discounted price. Bad handling of the shoes might give, unwittingly, your shoe store a bad name.

The perfect way to display shoes would be to have a properly designed shoe display shelf system where there are hangers or panels to keep the shoes handy when customers are browsing through. If you don’t know which shelving system is best for a shoe store, ask. Don’t be shy, ask.

When purchasing shoe display shelf, space and visibility is at the top of the list of priorities. Don’t base your decision solely on the pricing. What you may want to consider while out there hunting around for a good shoe display shelf is to get things off the floor. A floor gondola night work just as well but as far as we know, the wall-mounted ones works best because it creates an illusion of space without compromising the visibility factor.