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Does It Always Have To Be Money Versus Quality As Far As Shopfitting Is Concerned?
Nov 14th , 2008

It’s the ultimate question, as usual…money versus quality. If you pay good money, you expect quality shopfitting products delivered to your door. If you pay less money, you should relegate your hopes and expectations to the back seat. When the manufacturers or provider delivers the shopfitting products to your shop, the price becomes apparent with every piece of furniture dismantled and put together.

But have you ever questioned this? Have you ever wondered if it’s even possible to have quality shopfitting shelves, exhibition cabinets and display units installed into your shop without paying an arm and a leg?

Technically, it’s possible. Practically, it’s who you’re dealing with that is of fundamental importance.

Many shopfitting display unit providers don’t pay too much attention to the quality of the products that they supply because of one simple reason – their business focus and principle is aimed at making big profit through larger orders. When you order in smaller quantities or one of the cheaper models, they would spend very little time explaining the benefits of the products to you, shoddy installation would take mere minutes and after-sales service is literally non-existent.

A good, professional and experience shopfitting product service provider knows the power of word-of-mouth and if you’re dealing with a knowledgeable shopfitting manufacturer who has earned his or her place in the industry, you’ll get great, if not fantastic, service no matter what it is that you’ve decided to purchase (or decides to not purchase) from them.

If you engage the services of a good shopfitting product producer with a wide range of products, you will get top-notch service from them despite not purchasing anything from them because they know if you’re satisfied or are impressed with their services, you would either come back later for a purchase or recommend someone there.

So, people looking for the right shopfitting products for their retail outlets or exhibition ground should spend some time researching all about whom they are dealing with. Don’t be discouraged if you’ve had bad experiences looking for display units, shelves or wall decoration units. Before you purchase, spend some time enquiring, emailing or just checking through the company’s profile and products to see if THEY can fit YOUR bill.

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