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Don't Undermine The Ability To Sway Your Customers During Exhibition
June 18th, 2010

Whether you are already a leader within your industry or just starting out, staying in the game remains to be a gameplan needed to be played well and most companies show sound marketing smarts by participating in exhibitions. With exhibitions, there lies the power of reminding your customers about who you are, what you position is in the market and if you are a new industry player, then attending an expo or an exhibition seems to be the perfect way to say hello.

Using an exhibition as a launching pad – Whenever there is an exhibition, crowds is expected. People simply love to find new things, discover new brands and also find good discounts. Most companies who participate in these exhibitions offer fantastic discounts to guests, hence, the manic crowding of these places. For new brand names, an exhibition sounds like a fantastic launch pad. And the good news is that it is not expensive to do so.

Re-branding Purposes – Some established companies make use of exhibitions in a different way...and that is a way to re-brand themselves. Over time, people's taste and preference change and during that time, you may feel that your competitor's made all the right moves and is out to grab some of your loyal customers. Make use of an exhibition to either retain your loyal customers and stop your customers from hopping into your competitors' bandwagon by re-establishing your brand during the exhibition.

Reminding your customers who is the best of the lot – Sadly, marketing and promotion is a never-ending affair. You need to keep at it, reminding your customers about your relationship with them. Yes, we say relationship because if your customers did not have a 'relationship' with your brand, company or products, you never really had them to begin with. Take the opportunity to remind your customers about your products and services during the exhibition. Make your products, logo and people stand out too. A little effort goes a long way.

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