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The Doís And Doníts For An Exhibition
Apr 27th , 2009

Is there ever an exhaustive list of dos and don’ts for anything in this world? My take would be…no, there isn’t. Things change all the time and as the world of technology enhances the way we live our lives and the way our businesses are run, we have to change along with them. Otherwise, we have to be contented with a dwindling or stagnant business.

An exhibition helps create incredible exposure for people and companies alike. But there are some ground rules…here is a list, an in-exhaustive one, as mentioned, to be considered.

The first ground rule is that you have to sit down and ORGANIZE it. I know a lot of companies hire people to organize their exhibitions for them but if you’re not in the same guest list as some big time CEOs of large international brand names, you may not be able to afford or even if you can afford it, don’t feel that there is a need to hire organizers for something like this. Well, like I said, it’s the bottom line…you’ve got to have a structure to it, you’ve got to have goals, targets, an action plan and perhaps a superb marketing tactic to reel the customers in.

It also means doing a little bit of research (if you’re new to the exhibition venue and things around it) about the people who are likely to attend, the number of parking spots available and device a plan to counter potential problems right from the start.

DO be CREATIVE about trying to make your exhibition booth stand out. Use every single little trick you can find in the book. Giving your exhibition booth a little bit of creative edge can work wonders and it definitely goes beyond merely placing brochures, hand-outs, bookmarks and literature for people to grab. What you need to grab is their attention.

One thing we are sure about standing out during an exhibition is this – telling people what you have to offer isn’t going to win you any brownie points. Instead, the first thing you should do is ASK. Yes, ask them what they want, what they’re looking for, what their expectations are and THEN explain to them how you can help them. It annoys customers when every single booth they go to, people are telling them about offers and how wonderful their products are and as a consumer, I am telling you right now that it’s a big turn-off. So, instead of telling, ask and listen to what they have to say.

Sales people should also be trained to have proper manners, educated on how to use the right attitude when dealing with potential customers. If someone had a negative feedback, what should the person manning the booth say and do? Teach them because most people DON’T know. Body language is also another aspect that we should be concerned about and the signals that they send out to the people around the exhibition arena….it concerns and affects your business.

I’ve personally seen some companies spending a little bit of extra money of handing out drinks, trinkets, food and hiring entertainment in the name of attracting people to their booths. This could be something you can do too….if it fits your budget.

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