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Exhibition Battle Tactics – New Brands vs. Old Brands

More than you will ever realize or admit, how your customers and potential customers see your brand has a lot to do with how you present your products and services. Some might say that it is superficial and that we should focus more on quality of products and services instead of prettying things up. Well, welcome to the commercialized environment that most brands are fighting in. Prettying things up is not confined to displaying your products in a ‘nice’ way but also seeps into the exhibition world as well, where hundreds, if not thousands, of companies and brands are fighting for the same audience.

Professional image during an exhibition
Most companies participate in exhibitions to gain new ground, get more exposure and find more loyalty. For start-up companies, you are looking or exposure. For established companies, you are probably in the exhibition to gain new grounds. And for large well-known brand names, these companies are probably habitually participating in exhibitions because they want to maintain their positions as leaders or get more loyalty from your customers.

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For large brand names, the executives are probably in there to tell the not-yet-loyal customers that they may have been in the business for a long time but there exists a continual perseverance in improving themselves. That is because consumers automatically regard established brand names as ‘old news’ and suffice to say, there remains to be a group of people who are consistently seeking for something better. And old brand names need to keep reminding the consumers that they are still cool. That means joining in with exhibitions where the new and medium brands are at. As a reminder.

The new fighting with the old
Although you might not see it this way but new companies and brands DO have an advantage over older brand names whenever they are in an exhibition together. There is something exciting about a brand you have never heard before. Curiosity usually gets the better of these consumers. In their minds, whenever they are in an exhibition, they are waiting for the old brand names to be ousted by the new ones.

And if the new brands can stand out, hold its ground and excel above the image of the old brand, new brands are at an advantageous position. So, if you are a new brand name that is eager to find new breakthroughs during the exhibition, prettying yourself up, making a louder noise and using out of the box method will embed the brand name into the minds of your target audience.

Take the chance that you have during the exhibition to stand out and be loud. Be better than all of your competitors and don’t be afraid of spending money on being different.