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Exhibition - From Industry’s Perspective

With the economy suffering in such a manner, companies and business owners are scrambling around looking for ways to stay ahead or in the game. Therefore, people might jump to the conclusion that they cannot possibly afford to be a part of an exhibition. The cost renting a booth, letting others know that you are at the booth, the exhibition panels and displays you need to purchase to be a part of the exhibition...they sound to pricey to pay.

But is it really?

One of the industries that we strongly think should consider participating in exhibitions is the auto industry. Let’s face it, while it is easy to move 2,000 books for to a new location, for sale, promotion or exhibition, it is hard to move cars around since you need to register the car before it is legal on the roads. Therefore, suffice to say, the chance to participate in a relevant exhibition is hard to come by. When the chance presents itself, you should hop into it.

Another industry that is famed for organizing elaborate exhibitions is the IT and mobile industry. It is a trend thing. When it comes to trends, everyone wants to be the first in it or be a part of it. It is just cooler if you did. As superficial as it all sounds, it works. So, I suppose the IT major game players should set aside a specific amount of money from the marketing budget for participating in exhibitions.

What the world would like to see more of would be exhibitions relating to eco-friendly products and services and also perhaps, many other similar events promoting local agricultural products. Agriculture and consumer-driven fast moving products should also team up, the reason lies behind having a similar group of target market. The housewives or people who play the primary role of caring for their families. During these exhibitions, there should be an aim to help educate people about being more conscientious towards our ailing environment.

If there is one thing you need to remember when participating in exhibitions, it is the fact that you need to stand out. There you are, trying to promote your products, services or brand, together with your competitors and there you are face-to-face with your target market. Use as many gimmicks, tools and ideas to spice up the booth that you are in. This is especially true for booths that are stuck in obscure corners of the exhibition hall.

Many large companies hire agents or organizers to help make them stand out; if you have the budget for it, we say ‘go for it’.