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An Exhibition Myth Beauty Begets Sales
May 12th, 2009

Name me an industry that does not exploit beauty, as a whole, and take aggressive and thoughtless acts in an act of consumerism. Beauty begets sales, so the people say…you can’t promote beer with a beautiful lady holding it. You can’t sell air tickets without using pictures of a handsome couple holding hands against a backdrop of a popular holiday destination.

In an exhibition, the same holds true….you get the most attractive people you can hire or some youngster from your office to man your exhibition booth because there is a, whether it is conscious or sub-conscious one is debatable, preconception that attractiveness is a must if you want to attract sales and attention from potential customers, partners and affiliates during the exhibition.

This is when companies make the mistake of not fully making use of the space that they have been given and indifferently wastes the opportunity to attract people with an aesthetically pleasing booth. The space you have been given during the exhibition needs to be completely utilizes, well-planned and organized in order for it to be effective.

While a basketball game can never go on without the cheerleaders and an F1 race can never be right without the beautiful models parading around the track with their umbrellas and huge smiles, this is not the same with your exhibition. Your exhibition effort is not a parade nor is it a fashion show and it is, I hope, not something you take lightly.

exhibition display standSerious business owners will know that they need to organize and make use of effective exhibition display products if they want to stand out in a sea of competitors. You want great lighting, beautiful backdrop, exhibition stands and pop-up displays that screams for attention! You want to hit them and make them feel like they will be missing out on so much if they walked away without some form of information right there and then.

And frankly, you can’t do that with a model. In fact, they might distract the potential customer.

Being tacking is not an option either. If everyone else is doing the same thing and your grandfather, who is a part of the business, used to use the same idea….it’s tacky. Forget it. Think of something new, if possible, something completely out of the box. In fact, using exhibition display products in an effective way is better than incurring the cost of hiring beautiful people for the exhibition.

Unless your product and services is geared only for a particular sex in this world, then it would be best for you to get creative instead of opting for booth babes (male or female) who would only beautify but not bring in sales.

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