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June 16th, 2009

Sales and Marketing goes hand in hand and it affects the (hopefully) rise and fall of the P&L at the end of the day. If the marketing strategy is good, branding efforts steel hard and sales team raring to go all the time, you’ve got a Microsoft on your hands. However, the problem is that we have to, sometimes, rely on the expertise of others who are more experienced in a particular field to help us see potential and pitfalls.

In the line of exhibition displays, we would strongly suggest that, if you have no inkling about what to do with your marketing campaign, the type or display unit you want to get, what type of display would attract the most target market….because believe you me, it works wonders. I mean, when you’re in an exhibition, you’re fighting with a battalion of competitors for the same attention – it’s like a modeling contest or Miss World where everyone’s clamoring for the same number of judges.

shopfitting display wall mounted

Why consult with an expert?
The reason why some people apparently refuse to get help or ask the sales assistant for help or advice is because they don’t relish the idea of looking like they don’t know what they want. The truth is this – that’s what these consultants and sales people are there for! They want to give you advice so that you will make the right decision and you won’t get it if you don’t ask.

Having a custom-made exhibition stand is a fantastic idea but it’s not the only one. Exhibitors have more options than that because getting one custom-made can burn a big hole in the wallet. What you CAN do is to use modular exhibition display systems that allows you to come up with an exhibition display unit that allows you to shape the stand to your booth.

Cost cutting
The dollars count and we’re not going to pretend that everyone’s got money to spare on sales and marketing during such trying times, but if you think about the potential exposure and increase in sale when purchasing an exhibition unit, you’ll soon realize that a professionally-designed display unit can SAVE you a lot of money in the end. It’s never wasted!

Uniqueness ensures full throttle
Full throttle, that’s what you want. A creatively designed exhibition display stand has the potential of drawing attention away from your competitors and to you. It’s a very subtle but powerful tool. It brings attention to your best products, shows your potential customer its true value and creates an interest.

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