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Facelift Gives Regular Customers Confidence
June 15th, 2010

If you are retail outlet, chances are, you will have a few regular customers to come to you again and again for your quality products. Congratulations, you are moving in the right direction.

However, for companies that has been around for more than six years, do consider giving your outlet a little bit of a facelift? It is important to enhance and grow for your customers. Walking in and out of your store could be a refreshing change for your regular customers and it might even attract new ones! Such is the power of interior design.

There does not need to be a major change or renovation to the outlet. It could be just a fresh coat of paint, a new exhibit, replacement shelves or new cabinets. Either way, the small details will be obvious to your regular customers and they will appreciate the effort that you have put into making their shopping experience a more pleasurable one.

When you give your retail outlet a facelift, be it a big one or a minor one, what you are subtly sending out the message that your business is thriving and that your customers are appreciated. With that, your customers will feel more secure when buying from you. They will feel that you are a reliable company that is going to be around for a long time to come.

Such subtle messages are better than placing an advertisement in a newspaper! Sure, you get to spread the message faster with an advertisement but let's face it, your customers can only take so much of self praise. Yes, newspapers and commercials are self-praising promotional techniques.

Just think about it for a minute here...consider the level of effectiveness of a printed advertisement on your own decision-making progress. If you had a regular place that you often go to, how would you feel if there was a revamp? Marketing experts agree that although the message is subtle, regular customers tend to feel more confident when they see a change in the store that they usually buy from.

So, do yourself a favor. Give your retail outlet a small revamp once in a while. Give yourself an edge over your competitors with minor changes over a period of time.

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