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Facts About How Colors Affect You

No matter how trivial you think it is, colors, in many ways, affect us. It affects our mood, the way we behave in an environment. Why else would hospitals have either plain white or white-washed greenish-yellow walls everywhere. They are the most neutral and natural colors known to mankind and it is hard to go wrong with white, actually.

Anyway, when picking the right furniture for either your home, office or shop, it is important to take into account how the colors of the walls and furniture match up. Having bright red walls and pastel blue furniture is a little off, this is what I can tell you.

Here is a quick run-down of how to pick the right color for your walls and furniture and I hope that it will help you make the right decision when picking our shopfitting and exhibition system too.

blue color

Blue is one of the more popular colors with people and naturally so because when you look at blue, you think of the sea, water and the sky. Who doesn’t like a beach holiday somewhere in Langkawi right now, raise your hand. Blue also symbolizes space and loads and loads of freedom.

Blue, especially the darker shades, makes a room (especially if it is a small room to begin with) feel depressingly cold. Baby blue walls also usually make people feel more relaxed and sleepy

orange color

Think energy, think lively, think vibrant, think excitement, think the sun….yes, orange is the perfect color for ADHD folks…or maybe not. While red would still out-rank orange as a color that invokes energetic thoughts and actions, it is a far more fun color. It is a good color if you want people to think creatively about your shop or you want them to think your products are creative. The most amazing thing about the color orange is that it makes you feel like a child again…and no wonder most children when asked to pick a color, they would most often choose orange over other colors.

red color

People who like red are usually people with large personalities and people who feel things intensely. Be it good or bad, red is a color of energy and familiarity. The funny thing is that red is also associated with food, I have no inkling why. Dark red and maroon shade of red are known to tone down the intense energetic effect it has on our system. People with stress problems like anxiety attacks and high blood pressure should not be in a red room for too long.

purple color

There is something really mysterious about the color purple. It gives off the vibe of creativity too, just like orange, but in a more subtle and gentle way. People who like the color purple are usually those who have no care in the world or like to do things differently. They are generally artistic and generally do not abide by rules. Hence, the association of purple color to royalty and…Cleopatra…yes, it was her favorite color.

green color

Green is nature. It does not have to be your favorite color to use it for your shop or home. Look at it this way, if you want people to feel relaxed when they walk into your store, paint the walls light or pastel green. It might look and feel a bit like a hospital but it is relaxing. It is a good color for restaurants too, apparently. The worst thing about having green walls is that you are limiting yourself in terms of finding the right colored furniture. Matching green with colors like purple is hard.

yellow color

It is bright, it is loud, it is eccentric. The lighter shade is mellow while the brighter shade can sometimes be hard on the eyes. Yes, it is a cheerful color but being perky has its limits. If you want to grab someone’s attention, yellow is the way to go. In fact, it was found that yellow is a better color to use for attention-grabbing activities than red. Just imagine a sea of neon yellow t-shirts…attention grabbing or painful to the eyes, you decide.