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Finding A Good Exhibition Display Stand For First-Timers

Planning and putting together your first attendance at an exhibition can be an overwhelming affair. There is just too much to be considered and planned out. The same goes for those of you who feel that your performance at previous exhibitions could have fared better too. One of the things that make a difference is the type of exhibition display stands that you use. You need good quality stands without the exhorbitant cost – quite a difficult balance to achieve…but not impossible.

With hundreds (if not thousands, considering the fact that most people start their searches on the internet) of companies and brands to choose from, we are not surprised if you are overwhelmed and feel like you are caught at a crossroad that you are completely unfamiliar with. But there are ways to narrow down your choices.

Get the experience first-hand at other exhibitions
We strongly recommend that you start your hunt by attending other exhibitions…put your worries at rest by looking at how others are doing it. It doesn’t even matter if the exhibition is outside of your industry. What you are really looking for at is how people are presenting themselves at these exhibitions. Take loads of pictures of what you like and would like to get for when YOU are participating at an exhibition. With the experience and pictures, I am sure you would be in a better position to come up with ideas and presentation on how you want YOUR exhibition booth to look like.

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Get consultation, ask, ask, ask and ask
Most exhibition display stand companies have their own specialists, designers and consultants…use them. Let them in on any ideas that you might have about how you want your exhibition booth to look like and then explore from there. Begin one item at a time, if you are searching for more than just one exhibition display stand. These consultants, if they are good at what they do, can help you pave a way towards turning a blank booth into an absolutely stunning and head-turning one.

The companies’ track record is something to go by
Sales people are sales people…they can claim anything they want so, be smart about believing whatever that these people might say and take it with a pinch of salt and some sleuth work. If the company can produce proof and pictures of having been successful in providing top quality exhibition display stands for large brand names and big International corporations, you are probably on the right track. Some companies have nothing to sell but catalogues and they act merely as in-between agents who make a buck or two off of what you purchase. Whilst there is nothing dangerous or malicious about using these people, you are often better off knowing the source of what you buy.