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The first impression counts….
Oct 17th, 2008

Have you ever wondered why some people walk into your retail outlet once…and they never come back despite changes you make to your store, the number of outlets you’ve added, promotions you organize and publicize and discounts you offer? If yes, then you must have also wondered what it would take to make these people turn around and give your products and services another chance.

The first impression they form when they first walk into your retail outlet, for the first time, counts for a lot
It’s like the first time you meet someone a friend introduced to you. Would it be too much for us to say that the first time you set your sight on this person, the impression would affect the way you perceive this person in the future?

In the same way, when a potential customer walks into your retail outlet, you have to make the very best of impression on him/her/them with proper display system in place. Without a properly organized retail shopfitting display system in your outlet, you might be losing a long-term customer because once they’re turned off with the sight of your cluttered and stuffy store, it will take a lot…A LOT…for them to turn around or change their minds!

So, do it right the first time….that’s important!

Space issue in a small shop lot
It’s a common problem among small shop owners, leaving even the most reputable of interior designers more than a little baffled. Space. If space is a problem for your retail outlet, the first thing you must do is to look at the wall space. Consider exhibition systems that provide you an option of freeing up floor space. This can be done either with a stacking shelving system or a wall-mounted display system.

The worst thing for a customer is for him/her to walk in and to see piles of boxes, stacked on top of one another or items displayed in a haphazard manner. Not only will it dampen their experience in your shop, it will give the potential customer an extremely negative image about your store! If you are not committed to making your retail outlet as presentable as possible, can you imagine what is going through their minds about your commitment to the quality of your products or services.

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