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Getting Things Done In The Kitchen
Sept 30th, 2010

We are sure that if we asked you if you knew anyone who loves to cook and is extremely resourceful and efficient in the kitchen, you can think of someone who loves getting creative in the kitchen.

Well, the thing with food lovers (or foodies, as we love to address them) is that they are extremely particular about being efficient near the stove. They want things where they can find them easily, without having to climb a chair just to get to the balsamic vinegar. This means a well-organized kitchen.

In order to have the kitchen of your dreams, here are few things you need to think about.

decowall for home

  • The cabinets. Most households have at least one cabinet in the kitchen for storing of cups, plates, forks and spoons, etc. These cabinets should be located at a convenient location that makes it easy for reach for those things whenever you are cooking. However, if you have a wet and dry kitchen and have placed the cabinet within the dry kitchen, install a wall-mounted system so that you can keep some there as well, for when you are cooking and need to use them.

  • Remove clutter from stove. The area around the stove should also be kept clear of things that you do not need because knives and scissors pose as a hidden dangers amongst the clutter. Designate a specific area in the kitchen where you make your preparations – and yes, it can be near the stove.

  • Sauces and mixes. For the ingredients that do not need refrigeration, they should be placed near the stove so that you can simply grab them and use them when you need them. There isn't a point in running around looking for the sauces in the middle of cooking. You might end up dropping them. That is the kind of extra mess and stress that, I am sure, you can live without.

  • Pots and pans, hang them up or store them away. Lucky are those who can afford to install a special storage space for their pots and pans – not everyone is as lucky. But even for those who are not as fortunate, you can always opt for a wall-mounted solution like Decowall. With our hooks, the pots and pans can be stored in an organized manner. With Decowall, you can finally say goodbye to messy kitchen.

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