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Give Your Shelves A Brand New Look For The Brand New Year
Dec 31st , 2008

Here's how to properly organize the shelves this end-of-the-year season to give your retail outlet a brand new look. You don't need to invest heavily on new shelves and display cabinets because all you need is to have a new look.

Here's what you start with.

Remove everything. Yes, every single item should be removed and placed in a safe place. But have it near the shelves so that you can easily place the things right back on the shelves when you get a brain wave. The reason to remove the stuff is so that there is a blank slate. Creative inspiration comes when you are staring at a blank canvas, no? So, start with that.

Then categorize your items according to what you want to aggressively promote, medium importance and take-a-backseat. As a rule of thumb, putting everything out in the front is not a good idea because clutter will most definitely send people running off in the opposite direction. Have it clear, and well organized is the way to go. The stuff that you don't think is going to sell anymore, have them donated and pile them into a wagon for sales or promotions.

Once the picture is in your head, get started with the most prominent shelf in your shop. It could be a glass cabinet and not a shelf, it matters not, because what's important is you are going to get organizing according to order of importance.

If, in the middle of it all, you want to make some changes, remember to place removed items back to their original categories in order to prevent a mix-up.

And then finally, when you have everything in its place, grab a cup of tea, sit back and admire your work. Take a couple of pictures so that you can bring it home or back to the office to show your colleagues your 'artwork'. One, you deserve to admire it again and again. Two, creative input from others can shine some light on flaws or if there is room for improvement.

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