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Giving Your Store A Christmas Decoration Twist

With Christmas creeping up around the corner, perhaps it is time to give your shop a little bit of a Christmas tune-up. The makeover, as many will probably think it is going to be, doesn’t have to be extensive. I keep repeating this over and over again because this is the kind of wrong assumption that people make about shop makeovers and decorating a retail outlet. It is always about the tiny details that gives the shop a new look, not the major things. Keep it simple, keep it real – that’s all it takes.

The great thing about giving your retail outlet a Christmasy look is that the ornaments and decoration items are easily found in malls and also online. What you are going to need is some proper props like glass, metal or plastic Christmas ornaments. A Christmas tree is fabulous but not really a necessary investment if your budget is low or do not have the space for it. If your concern is lack of space, you should shop around for smaller ones that can be placed on tables, shelves or the checkout counter.

All around the walls, get some Christmas stockings and garlands that you can hang on simple hooks or on your furniture. A good idea is to double-up the stockings for people to place their business cards in it, or alternatively, you can place brochures or some niceties to give away to your customers. Something that they can dig their hands into and take out quickly.

retail outlet furniture

A fake fire place might be a little off the extravagant end but if you have the budget and space for it, go for it! Frankly, it would make the place so much more warm and comfortable. I have no idea why even a fake fire place can give off that kind of vibe. It could be all in the mind but if it works, why not.

Christmas wreaths would be fantastic too but let’s assume you don’t have a place for them, try hunting around for a fake snowman. And then give your shop a real snowy twist but sticking and hanging cotton all around the place to make it look like it is actually snowing in your shop. And if you are going for the snowman idea, don’t forget to give the fellow a scarf around the neck or jazz things up by giving the snowman a pair of sunglasses.

And of course, when it comes to holidays like Christmas, there is always a color theme – for Christmas, the color is red and green. Search around on Google and Youtube to find out how you can hand-make simple items to place all around the shop. Most of the items are paper-made, are simple in concept and doesn’t take up a lot of your time.

Good luck and remember to have lots of fun decorating the store.