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How To Extend The Life Of Your Exhibition Stand
April 3rd, 2009

Purchasing an exhibition stand is an investment that should last years, if not decades. This is one of the reasons why you should take your time exploring your options. Cost is only one of the things to be taken into consideration – take a closer look at the quality of the materials used, the sturdiness of the stand and also the reputation of the company. The quality of the product deteriorates in direct tandem with the price of the product….usually, the cheaper the stand is, the less sturdy they are.

Follow these guidelines and you should be able to keep your exhibition stand in relatively good condition for extended use.

Store the stand in a cool, dry place
Depending on the quality of the stand, most of these products can lasts for years on end without need for repair. The exhibition stands need to be stored in a cool, dry place. When placed in an excessively hot quarter, there may be damage done to the paintwork. It doesn’t create a very good impression for you to use them during exhibitions, if that is the case. By keeping them in a cool, dry, enclosed place will extend the life of the stands exponentially. When exposed to moisture in the air, over a long period of time, the stands may start to rust.

Regular maintenance
Although the manufacturer or sales person will tell you that there is no need for regular maintenance, it is best that the stands be cleaned with a clean cloth, dried and replaced in a cool, dry area at least once in three months…provided the stands are not regularly used and not exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Proper Usage Necessary To Ensure Long-Lastingness
Some owners of these stands don’t make an effort to educate their staff on how to set-up and care for the stands when in use. If you’re familiar with the stands, be sure to spare a few minutes telling them how to use the stands properly. The most important part is for you to teach them how to put the stand together and take it apart. If you have with you a stand that is made of high quality material, perhaps you’ll have less to worry about.

Move it proper
Mobility is one thing, moving it properly is quite another. Do not try to squeeze the stand into anything that it does not NATURALLY fit into. If it comes with a carry-bag, then use it, make no compromise on that!

Most stands, whether they’re expensive ones or cheap ones, can last for quite a fair number of years with proper storage and care. If you want to extend life of the stand, treat it well and it shall serve you long and hard.

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