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How To Make Your Banner Display Stand Out
Aug 17th, 2010

With the price of banner stands at an all-time low these days, everyone has one. At the store, in the supermarket, outside an office...there is always one beckoning your attention. Things are even worse during a promotion or during an exhibition. There is a sea of banner stands everywhere you turn, so, it is quite a lot for the guests to take in YOUR banner stand.

So, how does one make sure that one's banner display gets the maximum attention from passerby?

The taller you are, the better they see you
This is not to say that you have to have a banner stand that is so incredibly high up there in order to get your target audiences' attention. Just a little higher than normal will do because if the banner stand is a little too high, you are going beyond eye level. When the banner display is too high, audiences tend to ignore it. So, tread carefully.

Colors Galore
If you can get them by size, you get them by color, we always say. Most modern printers are capable of printing in vivid abstract colors these days so, ask for sample and example of printing before going with the printer. Get the designer to come up with a simple yet very colorful banner display and you should be fine.

Get someone to stand beside the banner stand
One way to get someone to stop and take a look at the banner display is to have someone (attractive) stand beside it armed with a batch of brochures. Ask the staff to intentionally point to the banner when speaking to the potential customer. If you have designed the banner in an effective way, they might start getting curious about the banner. That, my friends, is the perfect time to explain your product or service to them.

A banner stand with a difference
There is a very standard look when it comes to banner stands, we admit that but there is no saying what you will find on the internet these days. Try hunting down a banner display stand that looks extraordinary...something that is different from the rest.

There you go...good luck!

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