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How To Pick The Right Banner Stand
June 8th, 2010

It sounds like something even an elementary student can do...with eyes closed, but buying the right banner stand can be a tough nut to crack when you want it to last. There are tons of manufacturers and sellers out there selling cheap banner stands – take your pick, but we will bet our bottom dollar on it not lasting past a year. Some...six months.

Consider injuries. We have heard from some people that they own cheap banner stands that causes injury to users and simple passer-bys. In one instance, the banner stand was placed on the sidewalk of a restaurant to promote their new menu. However, the wind was blowing a little harder than normal. A couple were talking past and the gust of wind took down the banner and hit the man on the shoulder. That's what you may have to consider when purchasing cheap banner get what you pay for.

To say that a good banner stand is expensive would be unfair – it all depends on where the materials were sourced and the company that produced it. Make your choice carefully.

Easy mobility. One of the things that we advise our customers is to make sure that they invest in cheap banner stands that are mobile and flexible. With that, you can maximize the use of the banner stand. You can set it up at your retail outlet, and if there was an exhibition, fold it up and bring it to the exhibition. Have a roadshow? Roll it up and bring it to the roadshow. That is how you can maximize the use of the banner stand.

Roll up, pop up or fold up. One of the most convenient feature you can find in a banner stand, regardless of whether it is a cheap banner stand or not, is easy installation. Long gone are the days whereby you need to pull out long polls, fix them together with screws, hammers and nails. Modern banner stands are usually built to roll up or fold up. It makes traveling and moving the stand around an absolute breeze.

Although it's no rocket science, picking a banner stand that is both cheap and practical takes a bit of thought.

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