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The Importance Of A Well-Designed Coordinated Wall
July 6th, 2009

Some business owners may not realize how important it is to have a well-designed retail outlet. Their focus may be on the colors of the walls and where the counter is placed but if attention is not given to where and how the core products are placed within the walls of your shop, business could be lost. Customers care about how they feel when they enter a shop, if you don’t believe me, try thinking of your favorite retail outlet and recount the reason why it’s topped your list of favorite shops. Somewhere on that list, it would be ambience.

How to give the right ambience
Regardless of the type of shop you’re running, neatness is an important aspect. Clutter and mess would be attractive to customers only if they’re roaches and ants. Normal human behavior dictates that the neater, tidier and more strategically located all the product displays are, the better experience your potential customer will have.

Get things off the floor
Give your customers enough space to roam the shop and bring their attention to the walls if you want them to feel enjoy shopping at your outlet. One of the biggest concerns I had when I was shopping for baby stuff at a popular shopping mall many years ago was that the shop was small and it did not give me ample room to move around, test the products. In fact, it was so small that I couldn’t get one of the products that I was interested in out of the shelves.

It wasn’t merely the fact that it was small, it was messy and had too many things within the confines of four walls.

In such an instance, it’s best to get things off the floor as much as you can with a good wall-mounted display system.

Organized walls
Credit should be given to shop owners who decorate their walls with products instead of irrelevant and unnecessary posters. Of course, a poster or two will add to the beauty of the shop but a shop with too many posters or screaming blank walls is wasting a lot of chance to showcase their products.

Get your walls decorated with beautiful products so that every inch of your shop walls is a marketing vehicle.

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