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Is Your Store Man Enough?

When you are selling something generic, it is easy to just keep things neutral but what happens when your customers are mostly men? Do you have to keep specific things in mind when designing and decorating the store? Of course you do.

At the heart of every retail store design is the customers’ needs and likes; therefore, it is absolutely essential for you to make the retail outlet pleasant for them as they browse through the products or services that you have to offer. The more comfortable they feel when in the store, the better they will remember you and the higher the chances of them coming back in the future. One can never place enough importance on the second part of the earlier statement which is to keep them coming back. In business, we make concerted effort to woo them and KEEP them.

So, what do you do to your retail store design to keep men going off to your competitor?

Men like it straight up and without the fanfare. If you are selling bikes, then you show them bikes the very moment they walk through the door. If there are pictures of computers or posters of CD players at the store window, you had better make sure that there are computers and CD players on display for them to browse through. Men are quite unlike women in that way because while women generally do not mind coming into the store to ask if you sold belts when your retail outlet was obviously one that sells clothes, men don’t ask for directions. Remember that. Simplify things and you win their hearts.

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Another strategy to employ is to make available loads of brochures and flyers and company profiles (if you have one or if you deem it necessary) handy at the counter or the sales assistant have some handy. While I would hate to make another gender comparison pertaining to purchasing style, I would say that while women base their buying on their emotions and their heart, most men make decisions based on description and information.

Make space. Give men no excuse to weave around racks upon racks of products. Have a separate storage for all your other stuff and focus on displaying all your products neatly and off the floor. A wall-mounted display will most certainly come in handy when selling to men. And as far as colors are concerned, it was revealed that men would rather die than to walk into a store that painted their walls pink and baby yellow or pastel blue…unless they are fathers being asked to purchase an extra baby bottle or a bag of nappy.

The bottom line is to be creative with the way you organize and design your retail outlet. Understand your customers and make an aim for what they need and want instead of focusing too much on what YOU want your store to look like.