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The Many Fantastic Uses Of Poster Stands
Feb 4th, 2010

Especially during an exhibition or public event, the most important thing that you have to do is to....stand out in the crowd. Remember, everyone is screaming their own names, trumpeting their own horns, hollering out the benefits of their products and services as well. So, during such events, it is important that you come out as a company that put some effort into standing out in a sea of competitors.

That is when the use of poster stands and buntings come in. It might sound trivial and unimportant but with a good poster stand, you can draw interest from those who were initially going to walk past. Are you going to let them walk away or are you going to make them stop and take a look. You need to create an interest in them, make them curious, make them want to find out more.

Display a curious-looking picture with an attention-grabbing headline, you have them crawling into your camp already!

But one might question whether it is feasible and cost-effective to purchase a poster stand instead of renting one or using the ones that the exhibition organizing company provides. Yes, some event organizers give you poster stands. However, if your company is going to be participating in such events and exhibitions in the future, would it make more sense to buy a poster stand that you can use and reuse again and again?

Wouldn't you want something that caters specifically to your needs? I would think so. And besides, if you own your own poster stand and you have purchased a mobile one with a solid stand, the poster becomes your mobile marketing engine. Yes, you can have it there in a retail outlet, outside your office, during workshops, and also during large outdoor gatherings and functions.

A good poster stand should come with satin anodised or powder coated body frame. It gives off the really sleek look while making it extremely long-lasting. Look through the specs of the product and see if the cast cap is satin chrome of chrome cap. Another thing that makes a poster stand really sturdy is a good backing board. The backing board of the poster stand should be MDF prefinished in the color of your choice.

With a good one, it should last you at least 5 to 10 years of good, loyal service.

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