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Mobility In Display Systems
Feb 26th, 2009

One of the problems faced by consumers these days is that some exhibition and display systems are designed and built to fit too narrow a concept. For instance, if you bought shelves and cabinets for your retail outlet, it would take a lot of effort to move them to another location in the event that you need them there for a short period of time.

There WILL come a time when you need to use the shelves and cabinets or storing units for purposes other than display…one such example would be to use them for exhibitions and conferences. As temporary as the events are, trying to make these units do double-duty can be difficult, especially when they are not designed for that purpose.

To find out more about how to purchase display products and shelving systems that works double-duty, read on.

First and foremost, the process of assembling the units MUST BE EASY or as easy as possible. The basic ingredient to ‘easy’ is for it to be foldable. When the display unit is foldable, more often than not, they’re flexible and easy to setup. That’s not to say that all of them are…just check with the sales person or the people who come around to your place to install the display units in your retail outlet about setting it up yourself. Be sure that those guys don’t leave without leaving you with instructions or the owner’s manual. This could be your life saver down the road.

No nuts and bolts….with modern technology, there are many display units and exhibition products that comes foldable; in which case, it usually means that there’s absolutely no need for screws, nuts and bolts. With the foldable technology, you save time, energy, money.

Go for the full-depth hinge if you see one. They’re very reliable, flexible, and can last for ages without creaking or requiring extensive maintenance. And of course, when we talk about mobility, we need the display units to be as lightweight as possible. Some are foldable to the extent that they can be fitted into a bag that you can carry around. Mobility is key, remember that.

What you want is value for your money. You don’t want to purchase something that falls apart after a few times of moving it around. The longer the display unit lasts, the more value you’re getting from it.

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