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You’re Not Just Decorating, You’re Advertising Too
Feb 20th, 2009

Don’t, for a minute, think that your shop’s décor and shelving system is merely there for convenience….they’re not. You’re also advertising yourself by giving your customers and potential customers who drop by your store a chance to feel the vibe that you’re trying to share with them. Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you that, when it comes down to decorating and designing the interior of empty spaces, it’s all about the vibe. Well, there are other things but this is indisputably one of the most important factors that have a direct and immediate effect on the outcome.

Spend money on reliable shopfitting materials
This is the basics….all your shopfitting shelving systems should be bought from a reliable provider. While it does not have to be of a particular brand or an expensive shopfitting product, it’s essential that you purchase it with the big picture in your head. Things may change along the way some years down the road but you want to know that, at least, when you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money purchasing a whole new shopfitting system when you need them.

Use lighting wisely
The lighting in a store contributes significantly to how your customers remember you and what they think of your store determines whether they’ll come back for more….or not. It all depends on what your customers fancy, really, so, think like YOUR customer. A good example would be this. Let’s just imagine you’re a spa products service provider – what you need is to create a nice, dim and comfortable lighting with as few things on the floor as possible. Use shopfitting products and lightings to give your customers THAT impression and I promise you, you’ll earn yourself more loyal customers.

Spread out the budget
In the face of predictions of a rough year ahead of us, many of us are cutting back on advertising. So, budget yourself out over a period of time for your shopfitting needs. Instead of spending a huge chunk of your cash on new shopfitting shelving, it’s more prudent to recycle some and buy some, month by month or period over period. If times get really bad, you can opt to chuck the idea of spending more aside and you’d still have the basic shopfitting system going.

This is how you provide a safety net for your business, as far as shopfitting décor is concerned. The economy is bad right now; hence, advertising your business via your shop décor should be considered an alternative.

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