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Picking The Right Color For Exhibition System
September 1st , 2010

Some people are of the opinion that the color of an exhibition system is not a big issue...the quality, make, flexibility, weight, manufacturer, etc are more important than anything else. Whilst it is true that the above-mentioned factors are to be considered very seriously when shopping, we think that purchasers should be aware that color is to be considered too and not for just aesthetic purposes.

Sticking with neutral colors. To be on the safe side, some of our exhibition system customers like to stick to neutral colors like black, white, gray, off-white and brown. There is nothing wrong with sticking to neutral colors but they could be a little boring over time. And besides, during an exhibition when what you need to do most is shout, shout, SHOUT above your competitors, you could be using the same safe neutral color as most of them. Think about it, it might work in your favor if you were a little bit more daring.

Being bold, being daring with colors. There are, needless to say, repercussions about using bright, vibrant colors...but there are also advantages. Using bright red, loud orange, sunshiny yellow or vibrant pink will attract more attention when placed in a large sea of people and vendors. First, capture their eyes with the color and then get them curious enough to check out your products – that is the key ingredient to making the most out of your exhibition or road show.

Pick a color that goes with your company or brand's logo. In some cases, our exhibition system customers decide to go with colors that are similar to the colors of their logo. This will work very well for a branding and marketing campaign as well because people will come to associate the color combination to your product or services.

In the large scheme of things, you might find this choice sensible unless there is a change in logo, which doesn't happen very often.

Safer with a corporate color. Many large companies have corporate colors different from their logos. For example, a company can have different line of products – soaps, shampoos, skincare products, towels, etc. Not wanting their customers confuse one product line with another, they assign colors to each of their product line. In such instances, the companies can purchase exhibition systems in accordance to their corporate color instead.

See? Choosing the right color can go a long way.

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