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Pop Up Or Pop Out
Apr 7th, 2009

Make no mistake about it – on whether you manage to attract the crowd that you want to attract or not, it could all very well depend on the pop up display that you use during your exhibition. Most event organizers will recommend that you make full use of this system simply because it’s practical, does not cost a lot, affordable and effective in the long run. In fact, it makes a difference because it can positively affect the way people respond to you when you participate in an exhibition. The advantages of using a pop up exhibition display unit during your event is far too many to mention in this article alone…it would be overwhelming but I will attempt to highlight some of it to you here in this article.

Customization would be one of the most important factors leading to effective promotion in your strategy. Sizes of these display units vary so spend some time reflecting on the practicality of each size. With each event that you participate in, you want to be able to customize the display to mirror the purpose of your campaign. Usage of vibrant, colorful, meaningful and encapsulating advertisements will increase viewership and efficacy.

And of course, there’s the issue on competition. Most of the time, when you participate in a trade show or an exhibition, you’ll find that most of your competitors will be sharing the audience with you. It’s like sharing a seat on the train with your enemy….both heading in the same direction with the same purpose. It is, therefore, doubtlessly crucial for you to immediately establish a connection with your potential customers before your competitors do.

smartscreen pop up display panelAs mentioned, the make, type, model and specifications of all pop up display units vary and you’ve got to make it a point to do a little of research before you jump onto the bandwagon or sign the cheque. What we strongly recommend is for you to invest in a unit that is made out of aluminium that comes with magnetic strips along its sides. This means you can remove and add new displays as and when you wish to. The side panels of the pop up display should come with a magnetic strip and bar too.

Just like makeup, your display need a little bit of help in standing out – this comes in the form of lighting. A good display unit for your exhibition would come with a built-in set of lights.

What’s really fantastic about using a pop up unit is that it not only attracts potential customers, it boosts the morale of the team who are manning your booth. I am serious – compare two teams of people selling the same thing and have different types of displays and you will see that the team of people who are manning the more attractive booth more aggressive and confident.

The team members are the core front liners to your event and without a positive morale, practically nothing during your exhibition will work.

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