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Poster Placement

Placing up posters is a great way to get customers’ attention…especially when you are trying to push a product or brand that is new or relatively unknown to your regular customers. However, some of you might be wondering where is the best place to put them in order to maximize eyeball time.

At entrances – I am talking about placing a really huge one in the form of a bunting or banner right outside the shop so that you can not only attract customers but also potential customers who happen to just stroll by or even passing passengers in cars along a busy street. Better yet if your store is located near a traffic light because the chances of passengers looking up and around them would be higher.

Hire a professional graphic designer and take it up to a good printer for a nice, effective poster promotion if you have it in your budget. Otherwise, a poster with a nice caption printed in vibrant colors should do just fine. For instances whereby the posters are placed in front of the store, instead of sticking it to the glass (which might taint the glass), get a poster stand instead.

poster stand malaysia

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Prominent place at the front of the shop – I am thinking along the lines of catching the eye of the customers right at the precise moment that they walk in and to do this, I would probably pick a prominent place right in front of the shop (if you have the space for it, if you don’t, I don’t suppose it is going to make a HUGE difference, anyway) to place the poster. Having it seen at the moment that they get in will get them curious about what you are promoting and if there is a sales person there, chances are, the customers are going to ask.

Behind the counter when they are waiting to pay – I would like to think of it as making full use of waiting time. Can you remember a moment when you are ready to pay for your purchases and then see something at or behind the counter and say ‘Yeah, let’s have that as well.’? Right. That is what I am talking about. Making full use of the lag time between being ready to pay and actually paying.

Large counter tops can probably hold a few of the said products that are being promoted. Say if you are promoting a new line of teddy bears, have the teddy bears handy at the counter.

On doors – This is, by far, one of the most common ways to place posters but mostly because most Malaysian doors are made of sturdy wood and are not easily stained. And besides, in my personal opinion, a stained door is way better than a stained glass window. And changing a door is less expensive than painting the entire wall over…and less tedious too.

The effectiveness of placing a poster might come into question simply because of one fact and that is if the door is opened or ajar, well…it is easier for the customer to miss it altogether.

What’s YOUR favorite place to place posters?