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To Rent Or Buy Your Exhibition Display System
Nov 19th, 2008

If you look hard enough, I am pretty sure you’ll find a company that can provide you with rental exhibition display units but there are issues that I would like to point out in this article. Whilst there is nothing critically wrong with renting your exhibition display units, please take some time to go through the things that I have noted below, just to be on the safe side.

Safety IS No. 1 – Remember That
There’s to be no compromise on this….it’s a MUST! Your exhibition display systems should be affixed properly to ensure safety of the people who will be sitting there manning your exhibition booth. On top of that, it’s vital to the image of your company that none of your exhibition visitors and guests encounter unnecessary trauma or incidents involving the rental exhibition display units that you’re using. Be sure….VERY sure that the company that is supplying you with the rental exhibition display units is reliable and that there are positive testimonials to the service and products that they have to offer.

Putting It Together And Taking It Apart
As simple as it is to put together an exhibition display unit, things get a little tougher when you’re renting because you may not be familiar with the display system. And since you were not the one who purchased it, it didn’t, obviously, come with a manual. That’s bad. Either make sure the rental company helps you put it up and take it away when you’re done or get your own exhibition display system, that’s my advice. Only the owner of the exhibition display units know the products well so when you’re renting, the danger runs deep because you don’t know if there are hidden dangers in the form of previous damage. That’s unacceptable even if you’re the owner of the exhibition display unit!

That’s a problem that you would have to address with the owner of the rental exhibition display units.

So Now What, Now That I’ve Decided To Get My Own Exhibition Display Units
Consider your options carefully…..VERY carefully. How often do you plan to use the exhibition display systems….this can be seen from your marketing plan and the reflected in the number of exhibitions that your company plans to play a part in. Have a good chat with your marketing and promotions team members to see what’s on their agenda before purchasing your own exhibition display system.

Storage Space
Buying is always better than renting and that’s because it’s better to know that you’re paying ONE-OFF for something that you own instead of paying a huge chunk of money for something that someone else owns. If you have sister companies or associate companies, check and see how you can collaborate this – can you share out the cost of purchasing the new exhibition display units, is there adequate storage space in either one of your company offices; or how feasible it is to purchase the exhibition display systems.

On an end note, let me just share that it’s always better to purchase rather than buy. With an exhibition display system that you own, not only will it save you money in the long run, you have complete control over where, where, how, and why you’re going to be using it.

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