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Shout Loud During An Exhibition
Nov 19th, 2008

Read the title again…yes, it’s that rough. What we’re talking about here is when you’re in an exhibition with hundreds and hundreds of other exhibitors who are either selling related products or services or THE SAME products and services. Imagine yourself as a tadpole. If you’re a tadpole swimming in a puddle with hundreds of other tadpoles which hatched from the same batch of eggs, wouldn’t it make sense that all the tadpoles look pretty much the same in terms of size and color?

exhibition display productIt’s the same predicament for exhibitors. In the same venue, you’re literally clamoring for the attention of people who are attending the exhibition. Suffice to say, the only way to get the attention that you want is to….hire a bulldog and make it bark.

Well, ok. No dogs allowed.

Hence, exhibitors have long forgotten the very basics of marketing and stopped using them during exhibitions and the basic principle is that in order to get attention, you need to be different and you need to shout! Since no bulldogs are allowed within exhibition arena and you’re probably not allowed to shout and scream either, the only way to stand out among your competitors is with your exhibition display area.

The first crucial point is to make full use of every inch of floor space you’re given. Very, very important. The exhibition display system that you use during your exhibition should be large enough without obstructing movement, and of course, you need an exhibition display system which can be easily moved around. Carting around a ten ton exhibition display system that cannot be easily dismantled and stored after the exhibition is over can’t be fun.

You’ll need to project a very professional image in the international arena and make an effort to appear really big even if you’re really small. The logic behind this is this…most large exhibitions receive press coverage from overseas. Reporters and other journalists often make their rounds in the exhibition and they DON’T reveal themselves a lot. Every effort to should be made to take full advantage of attracting their attention so that you can get yourself a little bit of free press. With an impressive exhibition display system that allows you the flexibility of displaying your products and design it according to your own branding and image, the chance is higher as opposed to your exhibition display area looking generic and bland.

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