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Small Changes, Big Chances And Mediocre Changes
July 1st, 2010

Some of our customers ask us, 'How quickly do our customers get bored of our interior design? If it is quick, how often should we change it?'

The answer to this question cannot be applied across the board because generally speaking, consumer reactions vary from industry to industry. For example, if you have a retail outlet selling souvenirs, your regular customers may be fleeting ones who are tourists and they may not come into your store again. So, the look and display of your retail stores may not matter as much.

However, if you sell clothing or makeup items, you may yourself a bunch of regular customers who come back to your store time and again to restock or get new fashion items. Then you may need to make some changes to the look of your retail outlet every few months.

Gradual changes keeps the relationship with your consumers fresh. The changes that you make to your retail store does not have to be anything major. A new display shelf here, a new coat of paint or a new painting is all that is needed. They may not even notice the changes on a conscious level but at the back of their minds, after a few changes, they might suddenly ask, 'Did you do something to your store? It looks different!'

See? Even gradual changes can be appreciated in the end.

Major overhaul incites new direction. So you want it big. You want to make a big impression on your regular customers, to show them that you are ready for new changes and something new and exciting is in the pipeline. This works for rebranding purposes or when you want to change the direction of your company. Consumers love a little drama and something unexpected so, give them that if you have the budget for it.

Major overhauls usually bring new customers too if you publicize the new change.

Adding and removing furniture and shelves. Our customers usually aim for the middle path which does not cost a lot of money and yet attracts attention and that is to remove old display units or furniture and replace them with new ones. In fact, if they have the space for it, they add new furniture that compliments their old ones.

Here's to the success of your business!

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