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Smart Displays Make A World Of Difference
Apr 16th, 2009

Tell me one single thing that comes to mind when you think of purchasing a display system for either your shop or an exhibition that you’re going to participate in? Yes, cost would be one thing. Secondly? For most people, it would be somewhere along the lines of….how long is it going to last and is it hard to set up. Let’s look at it this way, if it’s an exhibition display system that takes you a whole day to set up, do you think it’s going to be worth your time.

When come the time for your exhibition, you literally have to hire a bunch of people to set the whole thing up for you….and when the exhibition is done, another round of dismantling and transporting it back to your office or wherever it is that you keep them. It’s a hassle….and we do everything within our power to avoid having to trudge around bulky items that requires extra manpower.

Something that renders screws and clips, nails and hammers obsolete sounds absolutely smashing, don’t you think?

Take a look around at some of the exhibition display service and product providers to see if they have easy-to-assemble displays that are foldable. Even if they’re foldable, do not hesitate to ask the sales representative for a ‘test drive’ them. It’s not as hard as you think – ask the sales representative to place the product into its carry-all bag (if the product comes with one) or you can tot it around with the handle. The gauge is this – do you think a single person or two person would be able to wiggle their way around with this thing hanging onto their arm(s)?

Another thing to take not are the gaps. Unsightly gaps between panels can be a big turnoff for your potential customers. Generally speaking, if you want something that is neat, trendy, eye-catching and won’t fall apart after a week’s use, invest in an exhibition display unit that does not have gaps showing every other corner of the product. Whether it’s with or without glass panels that protects the products that you have on display, the preference is yours. The most important thing is portability, light-weight, and easy procedure.

There are some exhibition display products that are so strategically built that they come with full-depth hinge which means that you only have to fold them the way you want them to be, whether you want them flat or position at a three-hundred-and-sixty degree angle….the choice is yours.

Make the right choice today because an exhibition display system is definitely something you want to be able to keep, to use and reuse for a long time to come.

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