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Sorting Out Your Jewelry Display
July 16th , 2010

One of the things about displaying either fashion jewelry, costume jewelry or real diamonds is the lighting. By playing with lighting and reflection, you can get show off the best side of the jewelry, attract the attention of your potential customers and get them curious.

Those who are in the display, shelving, and shopfitting industry can tell you which is the best type of display shelving units to use if you are selling jewelry.

Forget those plain-looking baskets or boxes – they don't do the sparkling jewelry or fashion accessories enough justice. With dark looking boxes or drawers, it dulls down the color of the jewelry. Not something you want to do to attract customers, really.

Let the items you want to feature shine. Like most retailers, you must have a few special items that you feel is outstanding and deserving of your customers' special attention. In order to give this masterpiece the attention and focus that it deserves, you will not need special shelves or display area. But you will need to use a classy-looking glass display panel which lets the jewelry stand-out...with a little bit of help from the lights.

Put the glass display in a prominent place where you are ABSOLUTELY sure that your customers won't miss and that the masterpiece does not have to fight for customers' attention with other pieces of jewelry in your store.

Jewelry glass display panels are usually made specifically to attract the attention of passer-by, so when consulting with the company that you have decided to purchase the jewelry glass panel display from, remember to let them know your what you want out of it.

It is only when the sales person has all the pertinent information will he or she be able to give you some suggestions as to which display unit is perfect for you. When you are specific about what you want, sales people with good knowledge of the product that they are selling are in a better position to advice you.

And since most jewelry sellers rely on customer loyalty, we think that you will need a glass display panel that can last the whole journey, and not something that will darken in color or deteriorate in quality over time.

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