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Spend That Cash On Prettying Up Your Store, Might As Well
Feb 23rd, 2010

In the current strangled economy, one can only think of one thing in order to survive...increase sales and profit margin. However, in many instances, small companies and retail outlets are really going about doing this the wrong way. Albeit, to spend more money on marketing, promotional and advertising methods that don't work or is not bringing in maximum ROI.

This is particularly true if the said company is a retail outlet. One can only spend so much money on advertising and frankly speaking, with so many people spending precious dollars on advertising in print magazines, competition is rife. So, WHEN you do choose to place an advertisement, you NEED to make sure it counts for something, stands out in a whole army of competitors like a red flower in the bed of white flowers.

And then of course, we need to ensure that your advertisement coincides with a very attractive and well-organized outlet. For instance, knowing that your advertisement is going out on Monday, you need to get your store prepared for the influx of new customers by Friday the week before. This way, when new customers discover or have the time to come visit your store, they are pleasantly comfortable in it because you have paid particular attention to cleaning, maintaining, arranging and maybe even installing new shelving units, glass panels and wall-mounted display panels.

You might want to add a Gondola just to feature some of your fantastic new promotions. Maybe you want to move some of the off-season clothes off the racks and then place some in-season ones in a prominent area where your potential customers just can't miss.

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And it is always a good thing for your existing customers as well because they will simply enjoy the change of scene. With a new way to connect to your store, we are pretty sure they slip into a better frame of mind to purchase from you. And even if they don't, they will remember the effort that you have put into giving your retail outlet a facelift and come back for more when they are ready.

So, plan and budget your advertising strategy well to let your ads coincide with a new change backdrop for your shop.

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