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Stackable Glass Cabinets
Feb 14th, 2009

There is a very good reason why many retail store owners prefer the glass stackable glass cabinets as opposed to the wooden or steel types. One, of course, they’re cheaper; two, they’re easier to maintain; and three, they’re a lot prettier than other forms of conventional display shelves!

But what you have to do is to play it up, use a lot of fancy décor and also work with the lightings to maximize the effect the lights have on glass.

How to play it up
The interesting thing about using stackable glass cabinets is its flexibility. Like Lego pieces or paper boxes, you can design your very own display area and your imagination is your only limit. Furthermore, if you’ve purchased the stackable glass cabinets from a reliable manufacturer and distributor, chances are, with very little maintenance, the cabinets are keepers.

The great thing is that you can create a brand new display area even when you’ve moved to a new office or relocate your shop.

Fancy décor to bring attention to what’s on display
Since it’s glass that we’re talking about, everything’s literally putty in your hands. Decorations placed in, around, outside and behind the glass paneling can be easily seen by those passing by your store. Try draping something over the back of the stackable glass cabinet or placing an interesting decorative art on top of the cabinet for effect.

The main purpose of doing this is to attract the attention of passer-bys who MAY be interested in the products you have displayed but are unaware that you’re selling them. With a decorative piece of art, loud and bold, it calls out to window-shoppers too.

Using The Right Lighting To Maximize Effect
Down light is the most effective form of lighting used on glass panels and cabinets. Stack your glass display cabinets properly, the way you want it, and get a down-light fixed over the top of it. There ARE other types of lights that you can install INSIDE of the stackable glass cabinet where the small, tiny lights can shine inside of the individual glass cabinets….get them if that’s your thing.

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