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The Things That Make Your Modular Exhibition Stand Worth The Money
July 8th , 2009

The role of the modular exhibition stand is to stand out, be the attention-grabber in a sea of exhibitors. It’s an ocean of people, products, sales people and potential customers. Are you getting your worth in the exhibition – this is the question that you would have to deal with months before the exhibition. And getting the right modular exhibition stand is just as important as deciding on which product or service to feature at the venue.

Originality is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a modular exhibition stand. No doubt, when talking about originality, extra cost is involved but this is only when you’re getting someone to design a completely exclusive modular exhibition stand. It does not have to be that way! A professional modular exhibition stand company could give you the same quality product with their experience! Ask the sales person if they can provide a personalized product without stretching the dollar too much.

For regular exhibitors, we suggest purchasing the modular exhibition stand right off but if this is a one-off thing and you’re renting, get a professional who can help you set the display up at the booth. That’s because you might not be familiar with the set-up and installation process so the rental company should have someone come over to the exhibition booth to set everything up.

The modular exhibition stand that you finally decide on should also be easily portable and maneuverable around the venue. Ease of transportation is an important aspect to take into consideration – if it stumps you, take a look if the system uses magnets, fabric or Velcro. Modular exhibition stands that require screws, hammers and nails are not advisable if flexibility and portability is important to you.

With that said, you can be sure that the weight of the modular exhibition stand counts for a lot too. For example, if you’re attending a series of exhibitions in a couple of months in various cities. Imagine using the same system and carting them from place to place or even country to country. A heavy and hard-to-install modular exhibition stand would only prove to be cumbersome. In fact, if it’s difficult to set it up, it’s not worth your time and money and it could end up getting smashed along the way.

You need the flexibility, not only in pricing, but in movement in order to completely reap the benefits of purchasing a system that could prove its value over a long period of time.

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