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Things To Do To Get Your Booth Noticed During An Exhibition

If you have ever participated in an exhibition before, you will nod your head in agreement when we say that it might sometimes seem completely impossible to be louder than your competitor, to stand out in a sea of exhibitors who are fighting for the same attention that you are there for. There you are at your booth, overshadowed by the booth of a large company’s mammoth-sized signboard and surrounded by their banners. If you are even unluckier, your biggest competitor’s got a mascot or some pretty girls lined up and making your booth look more than a tad lackluster.

Here are a few tricks you might want to consider if you want to bring attention to your booth.

Don’t just offer simple freebies, offer free Wifi
We don’t know how often people do this or if free Wifi during exhibition is already a norm in your country, but if it is not a norm yet in your country, set up a free Wifi modem and set the network name as your booth number so that people can find it, use it and take note of your booth number or company name. Despite the fact that yes, visitors may already have their own unlimited data plans but just noticing that you are providing free Wifi connection is already a promotion in itself.

Interact on social networking sites
Run a promo, give away something simple or just tweet lots and post pictures during the exhibition, but more importantly, interact and be active on all front. This could be a one man job but if you want to be effective, set a few people up to do the LIVE update from the exhibition. It always gets the word around and is impressive.

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Location is the key
Of course we all should already know this by now, the more prominent we are, the easier it would be for people to find our booth. Unfortunately for many companies, we don’t always have the big bucks to spend on a good location. That is why if you can’t, you have to spend some money printing out flyers and have people hand them out at the entrance or near your competitors’ booth.

Colorful display
Spend some good dollars on creating and designing the booth to be interesting and memorable. You can find some really nice exhibition foldable, lightweight pop-up display system that is perfect for any exhibition. Please do get in touch with our sales representatives for estimate pricing. As far as quality is concerned, we promise you you won’t be disappointed.