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Think In Living Color For Your Exhibition Booth
May 2nd, 2009

No, I am not going into cosmetics and clothes today (although that would be a nice topic to talk about) but instead, let’s take the same scenario or concept right into how you coordinate the colors that you use within the small space that you’ve been given during an exhibition or road show. Generally speaking, companies try to keep to their corporate colors whenever designing their exhibition booths, but this does NOT always have to be the case.

Take for instance, a product brand. Corporate identity and branding for a products stands alone by itself and they don’t have to overlap if they don’t share the same color scheme. If you’re a manufacturer chocolates and the colors don’t go with your logo color, do you have to bend over backwards just to ensure that the colors match or at least go together?

Absolutely not!

This is when you’re trying to bring attention to a particular brand. Another thing to take into consideration is your competitor. Red, black, yellow and orange are popular colors to use amongst many international brands….for, well, very OBVIOUS reasons. They stand out and attract eyeballs like no other colors can. If you have to use these colors, go ahead and use it but here’s my advice, check with the next booth or your competitor.

What you want to do is to ensure that the colors that you use differentiate you from your competitors and not confuse your customers about whom and what you are. Some people try to ride on their more popular competitor’s wave by using similar color combinations while designing their exhibition booth but I would advice against it.

You are you and you have your own corporate identity. Surfing on another person’s wave is going to make you lose out on identity in the end. So, forget about trying to be like your competitor, think about how to make the design of your exhibition booth different and better than theirs.

Use vibrant colors to make your exhibition booth stand out is a difficult and arduous task but not impossible considering the fact that you would be fighting against a sea of competitors from direct and related industries. Put your team of people together and brainstorm of unique ideas that hit straight to the heart and the use the right colors to attract them.

For all the time, effort and money that you’re going to be putting on the show, it’s worth it to spend a little time on thinking about how to make your exhibition booth design stand out in LIVING COLOR.

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