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Waiting For A Promo, Worth It!
June 22nd , 2010

Once upon a time, it used to be safe to just wander into a shop that sells exhibition display shelves or shopfitting products. You browse, you look, you ask, you decide, you get them to ship it out to you the moment the product is ready. Or if it is an easy-carry item, you actually just haul it back to the car and VIOLA.

With the rise in the cost of living and just about everything else, it is hard to make a decision based on a whim or an idea. Every move you make and every cent that you spend counts for something...even if you belong to the group of people who make reasonable income every month.

Hence, the same rule applies to the business world. You can't just make a major purchase like buying a shopfitting product just because you think it could fit in 'somewhere'.

Many business people, in fact, have taken to waiting for promotions and sales. Just looked at the vast number of people who hunt down good bargains at exhibitions and large conventions where companies hand out discounts like they are candies.

Maybe that is what you, as a business owner should do too. Better still...stick to one company that offer consistently good service and regular bargain buys. These companies know what they are doing because they know what it takes to help them gain an edge over their competitors in the tough economy.

So, if you find a shopfitting company or an exhibition display company that you would like to check out, ask for a flyer or brochure. If you can't find a web address on them, ask the sales assistant or representatives if they have a website. Suffice to say, in this day and age, it is almost impossible to do business with someone with completely no online presence. At the very least, they should have some sort, maybe?

Get it, go home and check the website out. From the website, send out an email to their staff and ask if they have some special promotion going on. And if they have and you are interested, ask for a number and a name. This person is going to be your saving grace!

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