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What To Hand Out During Exhibition

It is a well known fact that people spend a whole lot of money on this – trying to come up with ideas about what to hand out during exhibitions. Some who have the cash for it would hire advertising experts, while others get their colleagues to think of a unique idea. At the end of the day, trying to come up with these ideas are not only nerve-wrecking, it costs quite a fair bit too. And because it affects the budget, we are careful about it.

To make your work a little easier, here are some guidelines, tips and general advice.

Give them something they can use right there, right now
One thing you can do is to hand them something useful that they can use at the exhibition itself. Not only will they thank you for the hand-out, they will remember you and if your logo or brand name is printed boldly enough, that’s free advertising for your company as well. Some ideas would be clips for all the brochures that they are going to have trouble holding, paper bags (as opposed to plastic bags because paper bags are slightly more environmentally friendly), paper and pen.

These items come in handy as they walk through the exhibition and will be used quite often.

Not the conventional general brochure
Don’t waste your time handing out a brochure promoting everything you have to offer. For example, if you are a maternity clothing store, there isn’t a point in promoting yourself as a maternity clothing store because chances are, everyone else is already promoting that. Find a product that really stand out and promote that in your brochure instead.

For example, you have a line of maternity clothing that can double up as a work clothes and breastfeeding-friendly apparel, promote that instead. It catches the eye and makes you stand out amongst your competitors.

Something they can take home with them and use for a long time to come
Branding takes a long time to work. They might remember you now, maybe a couple of weeks down the road, they are going to have trouble remembering the name of your company or the brand that you represent. So, during the exhibition, make it a point to hand out something they can take home with them. And make it durable enough so that they can continue to use the product and be reminded about your brand name. Everyone else is already giving out t-shirts, mugs, pens and umbrellas, aren’t they?

Make them feel happy
Even if you don’t give out expensive or unique things, there is another way to make people remember you. Make them happy, make them smile and they will remember you more that way. It could be something totally irrelevant to your industry but if you do it in a unique way, they might remember your name enough to go home to research about your company.