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Where Do You Stand With Exhibition Stand
Mar 25th , 2008

Thinking about ordering some exhibition display panels and exhibition stands for an  exhibition that your company will be participating in but worried about the cost involved? Well, here are some facts for you to digest to take the worry off of your mind. It doesn’t always have to be about how much you have to spend in order to make your exhibition booth stand out. The secret is in being creative with the way you exhibit and the stands that you use during the event. As you do your research, you’ll be surprised with the fact that there are many different types of exhibition stands that you can purchase and there are many reliable types of stands suitable for all forms and format of displays that don’t cut too much into your budget.

The price of the exhibition stand, of course, depends on the materials, scheme, size and design. Even as I am typing this, people are coming up with new ways to exhibit your products or brochures so, it’s not possible for me to commit to a single list of number of stands available in the market.

One good example would be to purchase a banner display system. A compact banner stand that is easily assembled and mobile would be ideal. In fact, the idea is for you to get a stand that can be used for multiple purposes – supposing you have a promotion a month later, you can reuse the banner stand. Most exhibition systems like this are affordable eye-candy.

If you need something a little more attention-grabbing, you could consider pop-up stands, especially if you’re going to be participating in an exhibition, conference or will be presenting a huge poster. Sure, they cost a little bit more than the conventional banner stand but the quality of pop-ups can usually support an extended period of us. Pop-up stands are also very flexible in design and are mobile because of lightweight materials being used.

So, what happens is you have printed a lot of hand-outs, leaflets and brochures to give out during the event? The general idea would be to purchase a stand that can hold at least six different types of brochures so that you could free up manpower to deal with potential customers, partners and affiliates during the event.

If you’re unclear about how to design your booth, I strongly suggest speaking to a sales person who can advice you on a combination package. You can probably save a whole lot by doing that.

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