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Designing a Retail Outlet or Home With Zodiac Signs as Inspiration


It’s long believed that color is a strong determinant of human personality, behavior, and emotions. That’s why color psychology studies how we respond to them in terms of food, medicine, living spaces, comfort level, and inherent personality and inclinations.

Although there are lots of variables to take into consideration when using color psychology, it is continuously used in marketing and branding. 

That's because their preferences differ based on orientation, gender, and age. Ask anyone designing a home, retail outlet, business, or designing marketing collateral, or working on corporate identities and they’ll tell you that color helps form perception, first impressions, purchasing behavior, and overall impression of a company or brand.

Colors are also important factors for the designing of stores, restaurants, window displays, and retail outlets. They help create an environment that brings about the best shopping experiences.  

While it is true that color psychology needs a tad more research and substantiated evidence, we can still use color codes and themes for decision-making and increase the comfort level of our customers while shopping in our store. 

If you’re trying to design a store, your home, or room, consider looking towards your Zodiac sign for help. It’s an overall simplified technique to make decisions easier.

Colors for Capricorn

When it comes to keeping things together, being organized, ambitious, practical, and hustling, no other sign can beat a Capricorn. Some might say that Capricorn people tend to be very financially intelligent. To get there, they don’t mind putting on the hard hat. 

That is why the color code for Capricorn is, to no one’s surprise, is grey. It’s practically one of the most neutral and unprovocative colors there is in the color wheel. It is timeless, traditional, and down-to-earth. 

Since Capricorn is also rather reserved and traditional in their views, smoky grey bodes well with them.

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Color for Aquarius

People born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign tend to be labeled as aggressive, progressive, independent, unique, sometimes easily bored, original, and eccentric. 

For one, Aquarius needs a lot of mental stimulation and alone time. Because of a barrage of mental stimulation they get throughout the day, they may become withdrawn with overstimulated and sink into their comfort zone to recharge. Once they are in their zone, it’s hard to get them out. And when they’re caught in the spotlight, they might not like it, but they’ll thrive somehow. 

Because of how eccentric they can be sometimes, coral pink might just help the Aquarian along. Other colors suitable for Aquarius are violet and navy blue.

Color of Pisces

The Piscean is creative, empathetic, generous, overly emotional, impressionable, and sometimes closed off. With that said, they’re also very imaginative and have a deep love for the arts and romance. Sometimes, they’ll have their heads in the clouds and need some grounding.  

And that is why Piscean will feel suitably comfortable in a store or room made up of calming blue and invigorating cobalt blue both of which have a cozy and relaxing vibe. 

Other colors Pisces may like include darker shades of green like aquamarine.

Colors for Aries

The Aries personality is pretty close to its other fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, in that they’re easily motivated, passionate, and can become effective leaders of communities. They’re with less fanfare and drama, are uncomplicated, and employ a very direct approach for quick resolution. 

Many Aries perform optimally when they’re surrounded by vibrant red or orange. It fires up their imagination and thinks of the color as a form of a personal statement. So, if you’re designing the interior of a store, retail outlet, bedroom, home, or office for an Aries, you can’t go wrong with the color red or orange.

Colors for Taurus

As stubborn and independent as people think Taurus is, they’re also the kind of people who are stable, reliable, and full of strength. Designers in the field tend to want to create an environment where a Taurus can relax and unwind, especially with the warmer colors of blue and relaxing hues of green. 

It comes as a bit of a surprise that neutral green reminiscent of nature and earthy tones bode well with Taurus. The reason can be simple - they can be fierce in the office but extremely gentle and loving when in their comfort zones.

Colors for Gemini

A Gemini possesses personality traits that may clash with each other because they have two different sides to present to the world. They’re, after all, represented by the Twins, Castor and Pollux. 

Geminis are generally very curious people who are affectionate and kind, quick-witted, humorous, like to look on the bright side of things, and energetic in the pursuit of their life goals. This makes them highly adaptable in many different situations, depending on what is required of them.  

Designers think that the color yellow is a great match for this versatile personality type.

Color for Cancer

Amongst all of the Zodiac signs mentioned, none is as much of a homebody as the Cancer sign. They seek out loyalty, commitment, and emotional connection. Is it, then, any wonder that Cancer family members and friends are some of the most loving and protective signs in the Zodiac paradigm? 

Since they’re represented by the crab, Cancers are also known to retreat deep into their shells when they are not comfortable or are in need of some reflections. They’re not really into large groups. 

Designers think that the color peach to be the perfect color for Cancerians.

Color for Leo

They may be labeled the Kings and Queens of the jungle but people under this Zodiac sign possess one of the broadest and most creative minds there is. Many consider people under this sign as natural stars of the show because of their charisma and charming disposition.

Although they love dramatics, theatrics, and creativity, you’ll also find them encouraging others to do the same.  

There are two camps when it comes to finding the right color for Leos - one is purple which is the color of royalty and calmness; the other is dark orange, a head-turning color.

Color for Virgo

Virgo people are very down-to-earth, logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to both work and personal life. They want things perfect...or as perfect as possible. They can power through all kinds of distractions around them in order to pay incredible attention to detail and master plans. 

They have a very deep analytic mind and it’s something not a lot of others belonging to other Zodiac signs can compare with. 

The right color for Virgo includes subtle pink like blush and pastel pink which grounds the Virgo coupled with earthy tone furniture and paint.

Color for Libra

Libra is all for love, beauty, community, money, art, intelligence, and connoisseurship. They have exquisite taste for things which makes them great designers, decorators, art critics, and stylists. 

When it comes to home and work, they prefer harmony as opposed to drama and debates. That is, perhaps, why they work very well with others around them. 

One of the best colors to use when designing a retail outlet, store, office or home for a Libra is pastel or baby blue. Other colors you can consider using include pistachio, page aqua, lavender, and peach.

Color for Scorpio

If you think Leos can be overbearing, loud, and overconfident, Scorpions will give them a run for their money. They have magnetic personalities, are passionate about what makes them tick, and love to boast about them. 

On the other hand, Scorpions are also highly transformational, emotional, and intense. They’re soulful and can form deep connections with friends and lovers alike because of their easy demonstration of depth, understanding, empathy, and ability to brighten up just about anyone’s day with their enigmatic nature. 

The colors for them would be black, maroon, burgundy, and maybe even straight-up blood red. If you can tie these colors up with metallic furniture, ornaments, or decor, it will be perfect for the Scorpion.

Color for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is all about getting on adventures, being funny, being fair, being honest, and spontaneity. Life with a Sagittarius is never the same from day to day because they’re usually a ball of energy and a bucket of fun. 

There isn’t one comfort zone for the Sagittarius because they can make anything or turn anywhere into a comfort zone for them and the people around them. Designers are torn between using the colors purple, dark blue, and burnt orange for the Sagittarius people. 

So, depending on the people you’re designing the store, retail outlet, business, home, or bedroom for, ask them if they prefer either one of the colors before deciding on a color theme.

While deliberating the color theme for the design of your retail outlet, store, new office building, home, living room, bedroom, or your kids’ rooms, remember to also take into account the personal preferences of the person who will be using or walking into the space. 

Neutral colors are often best when you’re undecided or would like to appeal to a larger base of customers. And that’s fine too. So long as the color theme you decide on is reflective of your brand image and provides a comfortable shopping experience for your customers, it’s really all that matters. 

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